"At least I have chicken"

- Old Klingon Proverb

♥ Devious Honey Bell Shizzle ♥
8 February
Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Interests: (150)
1337, 80's music, advent children, aim, alice deejay, angels, anime, anime con, anime conventions, anti-war, art, asain food, astronomy, avatar talk, avatars, baka zoku, bakazoku, beer, being weird, bento, birthdays, bisexuality, bitch, boots, bubbles, cake, candy, cell phones, cheese, chobits, clamp, collecting figurines, comics, computers, cosplay, costumes, creed, d&d, ddr, demons, digital cameras, dragons, drawing, elvish, enya, eyes, final fantasy 7, fingerpainting, forums, fraggle rock, friends, fruits, futurama, gaia online, games, ghost, girls, goths, graphic art, graveyard shift, guys, hacking, hard rock, hello kitty, hentai, horticulture, hot topic, hufflepuff, japan, joe jennings, johnny depp, kianu reaves, kittens, kumoricon, kung-fu, legolas, lingere, lord of the rings, magic, masseuse, matrix, maybe even you, meeting people, megatokyo, men, miles prower, movies, mp3s, msn, my backseat, my little pony, mysticism, ninjas, not being vain, opera, parties, piercing, pineapple, pljmu, poetry, porn, portland, portland state university, presents, primping, psu, punk, punks, puppies, ravers, rhea system, rings, rob zombie, ron'kisailien, rpg's, ruroni kenshin, safety pins, sailor moon, sca, sci-fi, seattle, sex, sexy losers, shiny things, sonic the hedgehog, sorcery, stars, sticky notes, street figher, swimsuits, taking pictures, tattoos, the family guy, they might be giants, thinkgeek.com, tola, training, trance control, unicorns, vanilla, video games, webcams, wicca, women, writing, x, yahoo, yaoi, your mom,
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